Throughout the past couple years, homeowners around the country have found themselves in a situation they never imagined. They are facing foreclosure. These are not irresponsible homeowners. They moved into homes they could afford with some wiggle room. They have made these homes their own through weekend projects like painting, installing new floors, and have made their home a place that makes them happy. Perhaps you are in this situation right now and feeling a sense of doom and fear. What happens in a foreclosure process? Will they put a big sign in my yard and all my neighbors will know that I can’t afford my house? First things first! Take a deep breath and keep reading. I have some great information about how you can avoid foreclosure.

There is no easy solution to selling your house through the traditional methods. I’m sure you’ve come to that conclusion on your own. After many months of trying to sell a house in this competitive market, you will probably feel discouraged and helpless. The number of sellers outweighs the buyers and the buyers are being very picky about their final choices. Even with staging, professional cleaning, and a price below average, your house might still not sell and the bank will continue to call. While this is annoying, don’t give up just yet!

You’ve probably heard of a short sale, but it can take a while for the bank to approve the sale, especially with the high volume of sales that are hitting the banks on a regular basis. While this can be a smart option, it may not keep you from foreclosure. I don’t want to scare you, but when you experience a foreclosure, it can really take a toll on your family and your credit. You will not be able to buy a house in the near future or apply for low financing on virtually anything. It is a loss you want to avoid at all costs, but how are are you going to avoid foreclosure if you’ve ran out of options? Have you heard about any of the “I Buy Houses” investment companies that buy houses in any condition? You’ve probably seen the signs on the corners of your town. You may have seen advertisements online, too. The idea that an investor wants to buy your house from you is not a new one nor is it some kind of scam. Not all companies are legitimate though so you want to do your research before agreeing to work out a deal with one of them. Hire a real estate attorney, if possible, to cover all legalities during the deal making process, too. will be able to come up with the best solution for you based off the location of the property, the real estate market in that area, and your situation. While it may receive an offer for less than your asking price, you will be able to sell your house much faster. Effectively, you will be able to avoid foreclosure. It is a cash sale so you will be done with the sale and move on with your life. Yes, it may still feel like a loss and you are allowed to feel sad about the whole ordeal. It is important to keep a positive perspective on the fact that you can prevent foreclosure and be able to buy another house someday. There is no need to suffer further for a bad economy and allow it to affect your future. Take control and sell your house quickly while working with a professional, local investor.

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